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Chiropractor Roswell GA |Schantz Chiropractic/ Leading Edge Sport and Spine

chiropractor roswell gaSometimes life just throws you a curve ball! It could happen in a variety of situations. You’re driving to work and get rear ended. You bend down and pick up your four-year old. The lawnmower won’t start, and you pull the starter cord one too many times. Or, you just wake up in the morning unable to get out of bed.

The problem? You’re in pain! Back pain…neck pain…maybe pain in your extremities. So, you go see your doctor, and all they do is confirm that you’re in pain and give you pain medication. “If the problem persists, you might need back surgery!”

Back surgery?

Isn’t there an alternative? Something less invasive, more natural that enlists your body’s natural healing powers? Something less expensive?

There certainly is! It’s called Chiropractic therapy, and Chiropractors have been helping and healing patients with back pain, neck pain, and other types of problem that originate in the body’s skeletal system, especially the spinal column, and it’s musculature for close to a century.

Welcome to Schantz Chiropractic/Leading Edge Sport & Spine!


Chiropractor Roswell GA | Welcome to Schantz Chiropractic/Leading Edge Sport & Spine

Hi! I’m Dr. James Schantz! Before you decide on something as radical as back surgery, let’s try something else! I practice a well-researched, well-documented, research based type of chiropractic known as the Cox Technic. The beauty of chiropractic therapy is we can often help you recover from back, neck, and extremity pain in a natural, non-invasive way. Often chiropractic techniques lead not only to a return to your normal life, but to even better range of motion and physical ability than you had before.

My office is located near downtown Roswell, just off of 400. We take most major insurances. We’re open convenient hours, and most importantly we care about you and your quality of life.

Chiropractic therapy offers a proven, research based alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Call today for a free consultation. Or to learn more about my practice, just click here: Chiropractor Roswell GA.

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