CHIRO ON-CALL is a service of Leading Edge Sport & Spine that provides on-site chiropractic care in your home, place of business, hotel, performing arts or sports venue.  Dr. James E. Schantz, licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, with over 25 years of clinical experience, comes to you in your time of need.

☞ Experienced providing on-site chiropractic care in non-traditional settings such as under the Gold Dome at the State Capital, Georgia World Congress Center, Turner Field, The Cooler, a Catholic Church in Guatemala and a Buddhist shrine in Cambodia.

☞ Celebrities, professional athletes, recording artists, performing artists, elected officials & high-profile executives are among the patients we have served.


☞ Bring relief and reassurance to men & women who are suffering from pain, numbness & tingling, weakness, spasms,  stiffness, soreness and other unwanted symptoms, such as… acute & chronic low back and neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries and stress-related disorders.

☞ Reduce stress and tension in order to enhance performance and foster well-being and calm.

☞ Make the treatment fit the patient. Personalized chiropractic care with expertise in hands-on adjustments, low-force instrument adjustments, spine & extremity adjustments, soft tissue mobilization, manual traction,  acupressure, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercise, postural conditioning and mind/body techniques.


☞ Dr. Schantz will discretely arrive at your location with a portable chiropractic table.  He will conduct and record your past medical history, current signs & symptoms, blood pressure, exam findings and diagnostic impressions, before performing  treatment.  It takes a few extra minutes, but is worth the effort to safeguard your health and maintain the necessary standard of care.  Pre-manipulative stretching and all necessary chiropractic adjustments and follow-up instructions are performed. 

☞ Fee is $295 pre-paid by credit card or cash at the time services are rendered.  Additional fees for visits on Holidays, Saturday/Sunday, after 10pm, multiple patients & extra therapies apply.  Details available upon request.

☞ Discounts available for return patients.


Weekdays 9am-6pm, call (770) 993-9287.  After 6pm and weekends call or text (678) 643-3090.  Say that you are requesting a CHIRO ON-CALL visit.  We will schedule your on-site visit once we have determined the appropriateness of care.

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